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RGFI believes that challenges and barriers for market development can be more effectively recognized, prioritised and overcome when all market sectors are involved in the development process. To this purpose RGFI represents the views of all market sectors – from the consumer through to the producer – through an industry forum. This approach marks a fundamental shift to the way in which energy policy has traditionally been developed in Ireland. The Forum structure is common in other EU countries where is has delivered credible, complete, cost effective and quality market developments and services, particularly for new, developing and growing markets.

Whilst innovation and incentives are recognized as essential for the development of the renewable energy market, a broader industry forum approach will validate and prioritize sustainable and efficient solutions, in addition ensuring the long-term viability of the market and consequently, security of supply.

Our Charter reflects this industry forum principle:

The Renewable Gas Forum of Ireland (RGFI) is an industry forum representing all sectors of the renewable gas industry from producer to end users. The main focus of the forum is to promote the renewable gas opportunity in Ireland and work in consultation with key stakeholders such as government officials to advocate for suitable market conditions to deliver on this opportunity.

We facilitate the growth and development of the sector through stakeholder engagement and the dissemination of factual and trusted evidence based positions and policies.

Benefits of Membership

  • Identifying, adopting and championing best industry practice and optimum services to meet demand;
  • Affiliation with forums and associations with similar objectives and interests across the EU with a view to accessing quality support services; training; accreditation; and to facilitate a harmonised approach across EU member states;
  • Access to independent accreditation services to include guarantees of origin, certification, sustainability ratings;
  • Participation in a recognised and trusted industry forum.; High level engagement with policy makers and regulators;
  • Access to technical advice and support on entering the renewable gas industry;
  • Access to renewable gas eco system
  • A voice and participation in a new energy direction for Ireland.

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Current Members

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