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💡Curious to know more about REGATRACE achievements? Have a look at the final booklet (available in 10 languages)!

Since 2019, REGATRACE has contributed to create an efficient trade system based on issuing & trading #renewablegases #GuaranteesofOrigin.

The aim of this consultation is to gather stakeholder feedback to inform aspects of the #Bioeconomy Action Plan 2023-25 ensuring it is effective and achievable - #irishbioeconomy

📢Save de date! The #RegatraceConference will take place on 16/11 in Brussels.

💡The EU-project aims to create an efficient trade system based on issuing and trading #renewablegases #GuaranteesofOrigin, including #biomethane.

Stay tuned for more details!

Been a busy few days but we were delighted to attend the @RenewGasRGFI biomethane conference this week, where the ambitions and challenges around this area for farmers and agriculture were outlined. There was consensus that biomethane can be a key diversification opp for farmers

The @EcoADIreland project aims to develop economic solutions for on-farm anaerobic digestion in Ireland. 📗

Stay tuned for project news and progress! 📰

Learn more about the project here:

@SEAI_ie @GasNetIrl @MaREIcentre

Dr @AnneMHenihan @DPTC was delighted to meet Minister @McConalogue and other speakers at the 2022 Biomethane Conference. Great to hear insights from experts in decarbonisation and renewable energy. @RenewGasRGFI

👏Big step for #biomethane production in Ireland 🇮🇪
Ambitions to develop 1⃣3⃣0⃣ biomethane plants in the country by 2030, representing 2.5TWh, have been unveiled at the Renewable Gas Forum Ireland #RGFI 2022. The plan could create 3,000 local jobs!
@RenewGasRGFI @GasNetIrl


Biomethane can provide diversification opportunities for farmers

A huge thanks to @McConalogue. We look forward to collaborating with the team @agriculture_ie and across government, the farming community and industry to mobilise to build the c130 at scale AD plants needed by 2030 to meet decarbonisation targets and support sustainable agri

Charlie McConalogue@McConalogue

Thanks to @RenewGasRGFI for inviting me to address the Ireland biomethane conference today.

AD is an area of immense potential and we want to harness it.

By the end of the decade, we could be charging our phones using electricity generated on farms - that's hugely exciting.

Day two of the @RenewGasRGFI Biomethane Conference. We’re getting into the nuts and bolts of what it is going to take to mobilise an agri AD biomethane sector @farmersjournal

Dr Paul Crosson @teagasc who is currently taking part in a @RenewGasRGFI conference panel highlights that AD is a complimentary/ additional enterprise on livestock/beef farms.

Conor Mulvihill from Dairy Industry Ireland tells @RenewGasRGFI Biomethane Conference in Dublin that there is no clear biomethane strategy in Ireland and is urging government to set out a clear policy - he says dairy farmers will back AD if it makes sense

John Pakenham ⁦@VisionGreen4⁩ says planned return on investment and biomethane business case is improving and we hit the sweet spot earlier this year to encourage HGV consumers to invest. But they also need security of supply. With Darren Carty Sustainable Flight Solutions

Minister for Agri Charlie McConalogue sees a decade of change and opportunity ahead with AD biomethane presenting a huge land use and income diversification opportunity for farmers.@DairySusIreland @agriculture_ie @farmersjournal

Agric Minister Charlie McConalogue meets Senator Marc Pacheco MA US and leader on transatlantic collaboration on climate action at Ireland Biomethane Conf where biomethane for food industry decarbonisation is high on the agenda @MarcRPacheco @agriculture_ie @GasforClimate

A great lineup discussing reality of producing biomethane on farm ⁦@teagasc⁩ Paul Crosson, ⁦@EU_Commission⁩ Jorge Pinto Antunes ⁦@UFUHQ⁩ John McLenaghan, Mike Magan Chair Natl Fodder and Food Security Ctte , ⁦@IFAmedia⁩, Tadgh Buckley, Joe Crockett Dairy S

The Minister told delegates at the @RenewGasRGFI conference in Dublin today that he is aware of the need for capital support to develop an AD industry of scale - which is agriculture focused and farmer centric

Delighted to have you bring your journalistic skills in moderating our conference and international panellists Damien @European_Biogas @RenewGasRGFI

Damien O'Reilly@DamienOhReilly

I will have to get used to wearing a suit and tie more often. Huge crowd here @ClontarfCastle for @RenewGasRGFI conference.

Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Charlie McConalogue arrives at the @RenewGasRGFI 2022 Biomethane Conference in Dublin

@McConalogue kicking off afternoon session @RenewGasRGFI - Big crowd and strong sense that #AD #anerobicdigestion may at last be coming into its own

Our vision: “A large scale, renewable gas industry in Ireland, indigenous and sustainable, producing at least 12% of current gas demand as renewable gas by 2030.”

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The Renewable Gas Forum Ireland is at the forefront of Ireland’s advancement towards a new era of indigenous, sustainable energy, while decarbonising industry’s heat demand…

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Harmen Dekker, CEO, European Biogas Association on Ireland’s renewable gas potential

Benefits of Digestate from Biogas Plants as Biofertilizer

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