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Great opportunity for farmers to develop energy co-ops to supply feedstock to the AD plants as well as been investing in the plants with the developers.
#CommuityGain #anaerobic #digestate #carbonfootprint
#lowcarbon @farmersjournal @IrishBioenergy @RenewGasRGFI

Project Clover - a great opportunity for farm based AD Biomethane to support the decarbonisation of Irish food. Driving progress towards achieving climate-neutrality by 2050. @irishgov @farmersjournal @IFJDealer

La production de #biométhane fait de l'#economiecirculaire une réalité tangible ♻️

En soutenant la filière agricole 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾 du gaz #renouvelable 🍃, plus de 50 000 emplois pourraient être créés 📈en France 🇫🇷 d'ici 2030 !


@JDecerle @GrudlerCh


#LeSaviezVous ?
La #méthanisation est une réelle opportunité pour l'#emploi sur l'ensemble de nos territoires 53 000 emplois pourraient être générés d'ici 2030.
#CeuxQuiFontLeGazVert #MadeInFrance #TransitionEcologique

Climate Action Bill – RGFI looks forward to working with the  Climate Change Advisory Council on the broad potential for biomethane in target setting…@EamonRyan @ClimateIreland @greenparty_ie  @MichaelMartin @irishgov @GasNetIrl

Gas networks are a valuable asset in our pursuit of #climate neutrality. They can carry #renewablegas to consumers.
@GasNetIrl, the Irish 🇨🇮 member of #GD4S, is committed to turning this opportunity into reality.
#EUGreenDeal #GreenRecovery #EnergyIreland


Cathal Marley tells #EnergyIreland that @ervia and @GasNetIrl are working to offer solutions for a net-zero 2050 by leveraging our gases expertise and the modern gas network for a safe, secure and sustainable energy system including #biomethane #hydrogen and #CCS

Congratulations to Prof Jerry Murphy on publication of “Using biogas to reduce natural gas consumption and greenhouse gas emis... “

The Irish biomethane sector is in its infancy but is poised to grow over the next decade.

RGFI launches new online resource for renewable gas in Ireland 10 September 2020 Free

Renewable biomethane is as important as solar in the decarbonisation of Europe’s energy requirements, with over 18,000 facilities and 70,000 jobs - and has huge growth potential” H Grobrügge, President European Biogas Association.#biogasconference #EBAmembers @European_Biogas

A report by Transparency Market Research forecasts the global biomethane market to reach US$2,624.5 mn by 2025 (from US$1,485.4 mn 2016)at a CAGR of 6.7% between 2017 and 2025. Driven by company trend to upgrade production technologies for competitiveness and sustainability.

The Supreme Court ruling on the lack of specificality in the National Mitigation Plan is an opportunity for the Government to address #ClimateAction @PFGA. A target of 12% biomethane by 2030 can save 2.6m tonnes of CO2 pa attributed to energy & a 14 Mt CO2 pa in agriculture.

As well as being environmentally sustainable, AD renewable gas production reduces GHGs, improves water and air quality and enhances biodiversity through soil regeneration. We advocate robust, appropriate assessments and pre-planning consultations. @AgrilandIreland

Congratualtions to Danone as it announces landmark carbon neutral certification of its baby formula production facility in Wexford (Ireland), in line with its ‘One Planet. One Health’ frame of action

Great example of collaboration between key stakeholders in France to achieve results in biomethane production congratulations to all involved. Ireland to follow this positive example to benefit agriculture food & drinks industry #RenewableGas #NextGenerationEU @Entirl @EnterInnov

Jean-Marie Gauthey@JM_Gauthey

With 16 new #biomethane 🍃 plants injecting in the #grid in T1 2020, the beginning of the year shows the dynamic 🗓 of #RenewableGas in 🇫🇷
Operators remains mobilised during #Covid_19 to support the realisation of new projects
#RecoveryPlan #NextGenerationEU #BuildBackBetter

#Sustainability2050 RGFI welcomes the proposed EU €1.85 trillion Recovery Plan which includes crucial support for biogas. Opportunity for the Irish Government to support economy-boosting recovery instruments & deliver a net-zero industry. @farmersjournal #renewables #AgriAD

General Mills uses effluents or co-products of its production sites to produce #biogas and contribute to reaching a goal of 100% #renewable electricity.

Don't miss analysis of the EU Farm to Fork strategy, detailing how farmers will be paid to remove carbon, the timeline involved, reducing emissions in dairy, beef and sheep plus a free 56-page Agribusiness report inside this week's @farmersjournal on sale now.

Today's IFJ /KPMG Agribusiness report carries a stark warning from Donal Dennehy, Danone - if Ireland does not develop a credible and scaled renewable gas industry to allow natural gas users transition to a renewable alternative, we risk multinationals scaling back operations.

The eighth @farmersjournal @KPMG_Ireland Agribusiness report being launched this morning. #Sustainability2050

Our vision: “A large scale, renewable gas industry in Ireland, indigenous and sustainable, producing at least 12% of current gas demand as renewable gas by 2030.”

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The Renewable Gas Forum Ireland is at the forefront of Ireland’s advancement towards a new era of indigenous, sustainable energy, while decarbonising industry’s heat demand…

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Russell Smyth, Head of KPMG Sustainable Futures – Business case for renewable biomethane in Ireland

Benefits of Digestate from Biogas Plants as Biofertilizer

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