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🇪🇺 By 2050, 30-40% of the total consumption of gas in Europe could be sustainable #biomethane: find out more with the @European_Biogas Statistical Report 2021 👇🔝🔝

The event aims to raise relevant questions regarding the Green Deal's #sustainability goals' impact on #trade with third countries, with a focus on the livelihood of farmers in vulnerable rural areas of export nations.


🇫🇷⛽️ #Biomethane is produced in Rethel, France! This is thanks to the Le Puisot company, which has installed a membrane upgrading system for the production of biomethane using biogas produced with the #waste from nearby farms and agro-industrial waste🤩🔝🚜

The company has partnered with Future Biogas to build the plant in East Anglia, where the biomethane will be injected into the
national gas grid.

Danone is one of the agri food leaders in Project Clover, collaborating to commercialise biofertilsers and improve soil carbon sequestration, as part of a new biomethane industry in Ireland

Danone EU@Danone_EU

Under the new 🇪🇺 Soil Strategy nutrient losses should be ⬇️ by 50% by 2030 & soil pollution should reach levels safe for ecosystems by 2050 👏 At Danone we promote #RegenerativeAgriculture which ⬆️ soil organic matter/nurtures biodiversity. Next step: Scaling regenerative agri 🌱

Take part in our Home Energy Challenge from 29th Nov to 5th December! Get expert advice delivered to your inbox on how you can save money and be more energy efficient at home.

Reducing #Methane emissions is the most immediate action needed to reduce #Climate impacts. How? Use #RenewableGas produced from organic waste to fuel #HeavyDuty #Trucks. We need to move #BeyondZero.

Our refuelling station in Erdington, near the M6 at Birmingham, will be able to refuel more than 600 #HGVs with #Biomethane #CNG every day _⛽️🌿 >

EBA is today launching a new paper providing a comprehensive analysis of the strong potential of #gasification technologies to accelerate the #NetZero responsibilities of the European waste, energy, hydrogen, and #biofuel markets.

📲Download full paper:

Our team along with myself will be there with a stand on 14th December 2021. We look forward to being back together. We are in every part of #anaerobicdigestion value chain with our U.K. operations. Come & see us or book a slot to talk #PARTNERSHIP #valuecreation


Watch this video to find out everything you need to know about the #ADBANatConDec21

🎟️ Become a part of the #DecadeofDelivery and register here

📢The Renewable Energy Directive is the most appropriate instrument to encourage EU Member States to #decarbonise the gas supply.

EBA’s main recommendations to the proposal to revise the #REDII to increase production and consumption of #renewableenergy 👇

Come join us in @MaREIcentre @eriucc @UCC as a senior post-doc on a 24 month contract. We are a team of 20 undertaking research on #circulareconomy #energy and #environmental systems. Mange our lab, add to our 170 peer review journal papers.

👏@FlixBus, @GasumGlobal & @OrangeGas launched the 1⃣rst #biogas buses. They hope that "#biogas will become even more common as a fuel for 🚎 as it reduces CO2 and local emissions, making it a perfect choice to decrease the impact of public transport"

Recommended reading Excellent work @JerryDMurphy66

#anaerobicdigestion #circulareconomy #agroeconomy #biogas #biomethane

Ireland's new Climate Action Plan committed to Just Transition and Community Engagement. A switch from fossil fuels to agri based renewable gas and bio-LNG is a win-win for individuals, farmers and industry.
@TeagascEnviron @Dept_ECC

Dr. Robert Rohde@RARohde

If you want to address climate change, then you need to offer people affordable and desirable carbon-neutral solutions.

Simply telling people that their way of life is harmful, without providing an alternative that they see as viable, just makes people stubbornly fight back.

Multi species swards as AD feedstock, along with slurry, are central to RGFI’s vision on sustainable and commercially viable, farm based biomethane and biofertiliser production @TeagascEnviron @European_Biogas

Cathal Somers@CathalSomers

Excellent free Teagasc event tomorrow Tuesday 7-8. Video followed by panel discussion.@TeagascEnviron @TeagascSignpost @TeagascWWC @teagasc @TeagascKKWD #festfarmfood #ScienceWeek2021

Our vision: “A large scale, renewable gas industry in Ireland, indigenous and sustainable, producing at least 12% of current gas demand as renewable gas by 2030.”

About us

The Renewable Gas Forum Ireland is at the forefront of Ireland’s advancement towards a new era of indigenous, sustainable energy, while decarbonising industry’s heat demand…

Our work

Our work covers advocacy, strategic initiatives, knowledge transfer and supporting our members.

Russell Smyth, Head of KPMG Sustainable Futures – Business case for renewable biomethane in Ireland

Benefits of Digestate from Biogas Plants as Biofertilizer

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