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Perspectives on AD biomethane production in Ireland

Anne Marie Henihan,
Director, Dairy Processing Technology Centre

Matthew Macken
Farmer, County Mayo

Paul Murphy
CEO, Climeaction

PJ McCarthy

Our vision: “A large scale, renewable gas industry in Ireland, indigenous and sustainable, producing at least 12% of current gas demand as renewable gas by 2030, decarbonising industry thermal processes with 5.7TWh biomethane by 2030.

About us

The Renewable Gas Forum Ireland is at the forefront of Ireland’s advancement towards a new era of indigenous, sustainable energy, while decarbonising industry’s heat demand.

Our work

Our work covers advocacy, strategic initiatives, knowledge transfer and supporting our members.

Harmen Dekker, CEO, European Biogas Association on Ireland’s renewable gas potential

Benefits of Digestate from Biogas Plants as Biofertilizer

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