The RGFI Charter reflects this industry forum principle approach:

“The Renewable gas Forum (RGFI) is an industry policy development forum representing the interests of all parties involved in the renewable gas supply chain across the island of Ireland, both north and south, RGFI is committed to policies that support the development of the renewable gas industry in Ireland as an economically viable and environmentally sustainable component of the overall energy mix”.

What is renewable gas?

Renewable gas is an indigenous, renewable, sustainable, and carbon neutral source of energy, that can be produced from many organic waste materials and upgraded to a standard which is identical to natural gas. Renewable gas can be injected into the gas pipeline network or it can be used independently as a fuel for heating, transport or power generation. Renewable gas is also referred to as Biomethane, iogas or Green Gas. Renewable gas will also be produced with other emerging and carbon neutral technologies such as Power to Gas and Micro-­‐Algae cultivation, which will provide a sustainable source of renewable gas into the future.


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