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Biogases: beyond energy EBA factsheets supporting a European bioeconomy

National Biomethane Strategy opportunity to support the 2040 Target while delivering economic and environmental goals.

National Biomethane Strategy – opportunity to support “pent up” demand and mandatory industry targets.

EBA Newsletter November 2023

Accelerating Biomethane Production and Permitting – new reports

European Biogas Association Newsletter September 2023


ROBIN Circular Bioeconomy Video

EBA Newsletter May 2023

Innovative Biomethane for REPowerEU

How biomethane can contribute to the decarbonisation of EU transport

Ireland Biomethane Conference 9/10 Nov 2022

REGATRACE final booklet

REGATRACE November 2022 newsletter

Ireland’s national biomethane strategy and the REPower EU Biomethane Industrial Partnership will be informed by Conference recommendations

Biomethane production projects to help inform the future Irish Gas Network

Food Vision Dairy Group Report recommends AD Biomethane to decarbonise thermal demand within dairy processing and as an important diversification option 

Report on Renewable Fuels for Transport

Ireland Biomethane Conference 2022 Programme, 9 and 10 Nov, Updates

IRELAND BIOMETHANE CONFERENCE – 9 & 10 Nov 2022, Clontarf Castle Hotel, Dublin

Dairy industry and climate action to the fore with new appointments to RGFI Board –   Dr Anne Marie Henihan and Paul Murphy

11% of Irish natural gas demand could be substituted with sustainable  biomethane by 2030.

The Roadmap for Biomethane in Ireland published today 1 June 2022

RePower EU plan “ decisive step towards the rapid development of the AD biomethane sector”.

AD biomethane can be central to climate neutral farming

Public private collaboration is essential to delivering biomethane

Ireland’s potential for biomethane production – European Biogas Association CEO, Harmen Dekker

10 years on – a farmer’s perspective on food and energy production using AD biomethane and biofertiliser

EU Raises Its  Ambition for Renewable Gas Production

Russia-Ukraine conflict underlines strategic importance of European and Irish Biomethane

European Biogas Conference October 2021 Reports

Newstalk podcast on reducing agriculture’s C footprint and the role of biomethane

Project Clover calls for early implementation of RHO

Regatrace Programme Supporting the Vision for Renewable Gas in Ireland

Collaboration on the vision for renewable gas biomethane as RGFI hosts 2nd Regatrace workshop

Renewable Energy Ireland Launches Ireland’s First Renewable Heat Plan – United call for target of 40 per cent renewable heat by 2030

Carbon Price Reaches A New High at €50/t

Enabling a circular economy using bio waste

REGATRACE engages with Irish delegates in creating an efficient international trade system based on issuing and trading biomethane/renewable gases certificates. 

Call for Expert Evidence – Climate Action Plan 2021

Consultation on Renewable Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme closes this week

Liquid Gas Europe’s Annual Review



New Climate Change Advisory Council appointment

European Biogas Association 2020 Report now out

European Biogas Association 2020 Report now out

The European Biogas Association says the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy will not deliver the critical decarbonisation of transport.

New EBA publication showcases the latest developments from the biogas and biomethane sectors

BioLNG makes carbon neutrality a reality for EU transport

New information resources on AD biomethane, digestate biofertiliser and soil carbon sequestration

The anaerobic digestion industry could reduce the world’s current greenhouse gas emissions by 10-13%.

Importance of pre-planning consultation and environmental impact assessment

RGFI advocates pre-planning consultation

Ireland has the potential to be a world leader in renewable gas production

AD biomethane in the top 25 recommendations to reduce carbon emissions in agriculture

EU €1.85trillion Recovery Plan includes support for renewables and biomethane.

RGFI makes submission to candidates calling for commitment to 12% bio-methane target.

RGFI commissioned KPMG Report says low carbon, renewable gas scheme presents strategic national opportunity.

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