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Be part of a new energy direction for ireland

  • Get high-level engagement with policy makers and regulators through a recognised and trusted industry forum.
  • Participate in, collaborate with, and benefit from, the significant national and international biomethane projects.
  • Be part of developing national policy, dialogue, strategies and initiatives.
  • Identify and evaluate new innovative technologies to improve efficiencies and competitiveness, through reducing the production costs of biomethane.
  • Access to EU funded research and innovation projects with EU partners.

Keep up to date in a dynamic environment and develop your network

  • Be informed on the latest research and technology innovations, sustainability criteria and best international standards, commercial funding structures, business models, market research and more.
  • Get insight and updates to public consultations in changing and influencing EU & Irish policies and the regulatory landscapes that affect the development of this industry .
  • Attend regular clinics and fora to network across the full biomethane industry with suppliers, producers, developers, consumers, transporters, engineers, financiers and academics etc.
  • Affiliate with bodies with similar objectives and interests across the UK, EU and globally.

Get professional advice and support

  • Advice and support to develop your business cases and feasibility studies.
  • Advice on planning, financing and procurement.
  • Commercial structures and funding models.
  • Regional and local strategies to develop renewable gas projects.


  • Access the Green Gas Certification Scheme – auditing and certification by accredited bodies recognised by EU and global authorities, complying with ISCC/Redcert international standards
  • Identify, adopt and champion best industry practices to drive the industry forward
  • Get access to independent accreditation services to include guarantees of origin, certification of sustainability and/or sustainability ratings

Corporate Members

  • Annual Subscription is subject to annual turnover as follows:
    • Sustaining Corporate – €20,000* pa
    • Large, > €50m; rate €8,000* pa
    • Enterprise, >€5m <€50m; rate €2,500* pa
    • SME, >€1m <€5m; rate €1,500* pa
    • Developing SME, <€1m; rate €800 pa

Associate Members

  • Associate members are regional and local body stakeholders for example, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), academic institutes, research institutes, and corresponding and trade associations.
  • Annual Subscription fee of €500 per annum

Academic Members

  • Includes sole traders, interested individuals, and researchers. Annual Subscription fee of €300 per annum
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