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RGFI leads and develops strategic initiatives and market research, to inform and support the industry, alongside national and European partners.

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Introduction  Project Clover is a collaboration of leading agri-food companies, that have declared their commitment to…

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A Cost Benefit Analysis

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An Integrated Business Case for Biomethane in Ireland.

RGFI commissioned this KPMG report and submitted it to the Department of Communications, Climate Action and the Environment in October 2019. The report sets out options on how to fund the industry, and a detailed implementation plan on how to deliver 12% renewable gas by 2030. It provides a full Cost Benefit Analysis in compliance with the Public Spending Code and a comprehensive Wider Economic Benefits Case, which shows a net positive for the exchequer of €1.26 for every €1 spent. Significant market research was undertaken across the entire supply chain to identify the optimal business model.
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The Irish Green Gas Certification Scheme

In 2018, the RGFI, along with a consortium of industry partners, designed and published a blueprint for a Green Gas Certification Scheme in Ireland. The Scheme will certify biomethane produced in Ireland, complies with the sustainability criteria set out in the Renewable Energy Directive II, and is in line with best practice, carbon accounting principles. The Irish Green Gas Certification Scheme provides confidence and assurances to gas consumers, in validating and verifying, in a fully accountable and transparent manner, that biomethane is sustainably produced. Gas Networks Ireland now operates the Scheme.
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The AgriBioCNG initiative, led by RGFI, involves the co-ordination and development of a cluster of 6-8 anaerobic digestion (AD), biomethane plants in Munster, as a show case project. RGFI is working closely with farmers, local co-operatives and industries to deliver a regional solution to reducing emissions in agriculture, manufacturing, processing and transport, while helping to reduce risk and costs through economies of scale, standardisation, efficiency and competitive measures.
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This project consists of the development of a large-scale central injection hub on the Irish gas network, along with a fleet of gas storage trailers and trucks, to transport biomethane by road to the injection hub. Alternatively the biomethane will be delivered via a direct grid connection. Project GRAZE is being developed by Gas Networks Ireland in Mitchelstown, Co Cork to accommodate the AD plants developed as part of the Agribio-CNG project.
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REnewable GAs TRAde Centre in Europe (REGATRACE)

REGATRACE is an EU funded project to enable the trading of renewable gases across member states through: National registries with a set of common standards. ; Simplified processing of renewable gas certificates for cross border trading between EU member states, including Ireland.; A hub to facilitate trade across member states.
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