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Biohydrogen is a type of green hydrogen derived or produced from biogases and biomass. Ireland’s target to deliver 5.7 TWh of biomethane production by 2030 has the potential to co-produce biohydrogen along with CO2, and digestate fertiliser.  This process supports the decarbonisation of industries, contributes to the circular economy and helps to permanently store carbon in the soil.

Advantages of Biohydrogen over other Green Hydrogen

Negative emissions

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The greatest benefit of biohydrogen over “electrolytic” hydrogen is that it can be zero or even carbon negative if it is obtained from feedstocks such as wastes and manure.

Lower production cost

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Biohydrogen can be obtained at a lower production cost than other types of green hydrogen. Biohydrogen production cost in 2023 ranged from EUR 1.15 to EUR 9.65/kg H2, whilst the production cost of green hydrogen from electrolysis fluctuated between EUR 2.51 and EUR 11.94/kg H2.

Local Energy Security

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In rural areas biohydrogen can provide a local, dependable source of green energy.

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