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National Biomethane Strategy opportunity to support the 2040 Target while delivering economic and environmental goals.

RGFI  welcomes the European Commission’s Communication on the 2040 Climate Target, which proposes a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  RGFI Chairman, JP Prendergast, said the revised target underlines the importance of establishing a scalable and sustainable agri feedstock based biomethane sector in Ireland.

Biomethane is a crucial corner stone of a carbon-neutral and competitive European and  Irish economy. The recent publication of the Draft National Biomethane Strategy  signals a further  progression in the recognition and prioritisation of biomethane initiatives in meeting the Irish Climate Action Targets. 

A well-implemented National Biomethane Strategy can provide a holistic approach to addressing environmental challenges, promoting economic growth, and enhancing the competitiveness of key sectors, particularly agriculture and transport.

What is now required is for Government to come forward with realistic capital grant supports and incentives  to enable economically scaled projects to proceed – particularly in the case of  businesses with high thermal needs, such as the agri food processing and transport  sectors”

RGFI has welcomed  the Government commitment to  developing  a standardised approach to  AD and biorefining planning applications as well as the inclusion of a Biomethane Charter in the Draft Strategy.   RGFI,  on behalf of industry, has long advocated for such a Charter, encompassing existing regulations and frameworks,  as being essential  to enhance sustainability.   Also the principle of ensuring  that biomethane, bioeconomy and circular economy developments are integrated.

RGFI will be responding to the Government consultation on behalf of its industry members and is also urging members to respond  individually before 27 February.

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