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RGFI advocates pre-planning consultation

RGFI members have proven global reputations in the design, construction and sustainable operation of renewable gas facilities. Through the Forum, members advocate thorough and robust environmental impact assessments, including, where needed, Natura 2000 assessments, for developers seeking planning consents.

With any new development people will have concerns and will want to understand how it will affect them and their area. Raising awareness of the huge benefits of renewable gas to the land, water and air environment and to the local economy is very important. Taking full account of the local environment and conditions when developing plans is also essential for success.

“The planning process for an AD biomethane plant should apply best practice in carrying out appropriate assessments as well as pre- planning consultations with all local stakeholders to ensure fully transparency and consultative approach to any proposed plant development and operational phase”, said PJ McCarthy, CEO of RGFI.

“Developers applying best practice throughout the planning process for digester plants develops peoples’ understanding of the real immediate and long-term benefits of renewable gas. “

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