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The Roadmap for Biomethane in Ireland published today 1 June 2022

The Ireland Roadmap for Biomethane in Ireland has been published today by the Renewable Gas Forum Ireland (RGFI) at a time when Europe has increased its ambition for biomethane production in response to the pressing need for energy security while  the climate action imperative to decarbonise remains. The Roadmap  has been produced through a series of participative workshops and consultation as part of the EU REGATRACE project, of which RGFI is the lead partner in  Ireland.  The European vision is that Ireland and other target countries, will be prepared to join the European biomethane/renewable gas trading system through the establishment of national, renewable gas GoO issuing bodies. REGATRACE has supported the development of a long-term strategic Vision and Roadmap for biomethane in each target country, via a participative process. In Ireland this work has been led by the Renewable Gas Forum Ireland (RGFI), in collaboration with its members and other organisations. It has complemented wider RGFI activity in raising the profile of biomethane in Ireland, supporting industry collaborations to develop the related business case and liaising with government on the key asks in terms of policy, legislation and finance.


Ireland Roadmap for Biomethane



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