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Dairy industry and climate action to the fore with new appointments to RGFI Board –   Dr Anne Marie Henihan and Paul Murphy


We are delighted to welcome two well respected leaders from within the dairy and climate action sectors to our Board of Directors.    Dr Ann Marie Henihan, Centre Director at the Limerick based Irish Dairy Processing Technology Centre (DPTC) and Cork man, Paul Murphy of Climeaction, part of the Leading-Edge Group,  have both joined the Board, alongside JP Prendergast (Chair), PJ McCarthy (CEO),  Seamus Crickley, Chairman of WEW Engineering and Dr James McGreer, Nova UCD.

RGFI Chairman, JP Prendergast said they bring  a wealth of leadership and expertise to RGFI Board at an exciting time for the development of the biomethane sector in Ireland.

We welcome our new Board members who are committed to developing  integrated practical solutions to sustainability  and who are closely aligned with the RGFI vision of collaboration to develop indigenous sustainable AD biomethane as  a central enabler of the Irish bio economy, “ said Mr Prendergast.  

Alongside PJ McCarthy, CEO of RGFI,  JP Prendergast is at the forefront of RGFI ’s work to develop a sustainable, farm-based AD biomethane industry in Ireland.  Originally from Claremorris, Co Mayo , JP Prendergast founded the Claremorris and Western District Energy Co-Op to support renewable energy projects in the community.

He is also actively involved with Community Power, Ireland’s first community-owned        renewable electricity supplier.

“I believe in taking a new approach to tackling the climate crisis, showing how communities can become energy-independent and ultimately free from fossil fuels. If you want change, you have to bring the community along with you. I believe that it’s not just the fairest way, but the fastest way to implement renewable energy projects because you have the support of people locally, and they can see the benefits for themselves.  Biomethane in particular offers a huge opportunity for rural Ireland.  It has the potential to decarbonise thermal heat processes and support a move towards regenerative farming (with the production of organic, biofertilisers, and associated positive impacts on water quality)  as well as other   environmental, economic, and social benefits, “ said Mr Prendergast.

Dr Anne Marie Henihan is a graduate from the University of Limerick with a PhD in Waste Management and Renewable Energy. She has more than 15 years’ experience working in Research, Development, and Innovation at the interface of industry and academia.  She is the Centre Director at the Dairy Processing Technology Centre (DPTC). The DPTC is an industry-academic collaboration with a research agenda in dairy processing and innovation, driven by the long-term growth opportunities in the dairy sector. Anne Marie’s key priority is to ensure that the Centre delivers innovative impact for one of Ireland’s most important indigenous industries. She has succeeded in positioning the Centre as an essential differentiator for Irish dairy processors, creating process efficiency while fuelling sustainable grow. She is committed to fulfilling the ambition of the Centres’ industry partners to be global leaders in sustainable processing.

Paul Murphy is  the Lead at Climeaction, based in Cobh, County Cork – part of the Leading-Edge Group of companies, an international consultancy focused on operational excellence, digital solutions, and business decarbonization.  At Climeaction, Paul provides Climate Action Solutions to national and international organizations of all scale, including the dairy and life sciences sector. Prior to setting up Climeaction in 2021, Paul led the consultancy business unit of another international consultancy – where he advised several leading Irish dairy companies.  He has significant international experience in technical consulting to the large industrial and business sector on energy and decarbonization solutions and all related services in the Food & Dairy, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Commercial sectors.  His educational background is in Energy and Process Engineering from MTU and UCC.  Paul is passionate about supporting communities, business and government to develop integrated practical solutions to sustainability and in recent years has made significant contributions to national and political party policies in relation to transportation and energy.





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