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Collaboration on the vision for renewable gas biomethane as RGFI hosts 2nd Regatrace workshop

A vision for the renewable gas industry in Ireland has emerged from extensive collaborative work led by RGFI,  through industry partnership and as part of the Regatrace EU project to create a stable, reliable and common market for biomethane and other renewable gases in Europe.

Over 60 delegates, ranging from government officials and academics to service providers and consultants, attended the 2nd Regatrace workshop, hosted by RGFI, on 29 July 2021. The workshop presented a collaborative vision for renewable gas in Ireland as

“A consumer led, at scale, renewable gas industry

  • decarbonising difficult to decarbonise sectors ie the thermal demands of industry, and agriculture
  • supporting sustainable, profitable agriculture and the circular rural economy
  • supporting sustainable transport
  • aligned with EU and national sustainability and climate action policies
  • underwritten by charter “

The workshop also considered the Roadmap for renewable gas with delegates rating elements such as a charter to underpin environmental and social commitments, delivering a pilot AD scheme in the short term, green gas certification and greater public communication, amongst others.

Workshop Presentations:

RGFI presn

ERGaR_update on cross border trade

Sligo SEC SLGN Project_REGATRACE_290721

EBA, REGATRACE – Participation Workshop_Mapping PPT_Ireland_23.04.2021 copy

communities JP Prendergast copy

Devenish David Hagan Regatrace copy

Project Clover – Feasibility Overview



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